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Tupros heat exchanger/boiler Tube Plugs - 1 Piece, 1-1/2 " Long

New shorter tube plugs now available! Use these for when space or cost is a limiting factor.

Selection - A tapered tube plug is selected so that the inside diameter of the heat exchanger/boiler tube approximately matches the mid range of the tube plug's taper.

Application - The tapered tube plug is inserted into the heat exchanger/boiler tube and driven in with a hammer to seal off the tube. It is not necessary to drive the plug in flush, only until it seals. One tube plug is required for each end of a leaking heat exchanger/boiler tube.

Ordering Info

  • A valid email address is required when ordering online.
  • No minimum order amount; however, orders less than $75.00 will have a $10.00 handling fee added.
  • Charge card will not be charged until time of shipment.
  • Sales tax collected on Ohio orders.
  • F.O.B: Springfield, Ohio
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Some stainless steel and new larger size plugs may have a 5-10 day turn around time.

Shipping Info

  • Actual shipping charges are added to order before shipping. Shipping charges will not show on your email acknowledgement.
  • All orders are shipped via UPS Ground or "Best Way", unless otherwise requested.
Tupros Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plugs - 1 Piece, 1.50" Long
O.D. Gauge I.D. Inches Brass Part Brass Price Steel Part Steel Price Stainless
Steel Part
Steel Price *
5/8" 13.435TP5/8-13BGet QuoteTP5/8-13SGet QuoteTP5/8-13SS1Get Quote
14.459TP5/8-14BGet QuoteTP5/8-14SGet QuoteTP5/8-14SS1Get Quote
15.481TP5/8-15BGet QuoteTP5/8-15SGet QuoteTP5/8-15SS1Get Quote
16.495TP5/8-16BGet QuoteTP5/8-16SGet QuoteTP5/8-16SS1Get Quote
17.509TP5/8-17BGet QuoteTP5/8-17SGet QuoteTP5/8-17SS1Get Quote
18.527TP5/8-18BGet QuoteTP5/8-18SGet QuoteTP5/8-18SS1Get Quote
19.541TP5/8-19BGet QuoteTP5/8-19SGet QuoteTP5/8-19SS1Get Quote
20.555TP5/8-20BGet QuoteTP5/8-20SGet QuoteTP5/8-20SS1Get Quote
21.561TP5/8-21BGet QuoteTP5/8-21SGet QuoteTP5/8-21SS1Get Quote
22.569TP5/8-22BGet QuoteTP5/8-22SGet QuoteTP5/8-22SS1Get Quote
3/4" 12.532TP3/4-12BGet QuoteTP3/4-12SGet QuoteTP3/4-12SS1Get Quote
13.560TP3/4-13BGet QuoteTP3/4-13SGet QuoteTP3/4-13SS1Get Quote
14.584TP3/4-14BGet QuoteTP3/4-14SGet QuoteTP3/4-14SS1Get Quote
15.606TP3/4-15BGet QuoteTP3/4-15SGet QuoteTP3/4-15SS1Get Quote
16.620TP3/4-16BGet QuoteTP3/4-16SGet QuoteTP3/4-16SS1Get Quote
17.634TP3/4-17BGet QuoteTP3/4-17SGet QuoteTP3/4-17SS1Get Quote
18.652TP3/4-18BGet QuoteTP3/4-18SGet QuoteTP3/4-18SS1Get Quote
19.666TP3/4-19BGet QuoteTP3/4-19SGet QuoteTP3/4-19SS1Get Quote
20.680TP3/4-20BGet QuoteTP3/4-20SGet QuoteTP3/4-20SS1Get Quote
21.686TP3/4-21BGet QuoteTP3/4-21SGet QuoteTP3/4-21SS1Get Quote
22.694TP3/4-22BGet QuoteTP3/4-22SGet QuoteTP3/4-22SS1Get Quote
Tupros Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plugs - 1 Piece, 1.50" Long (continued...)
O.D. Gauge I.D. Inches Brass Part Brass Price Steel Part Steel Price Stainless
Steel Part
Steel Price *
7/8" 12.657TP7/8-12BGet QuoteTP7/8-12SGet QuoteTP7/8-12SS1Get Quote
13.685TP7/8-13BGet QuoteTP7/8-13SGet QuoteTP7/8-13SS1Get Quote
14.709TP7/8-14BGet QuoteTP7/8-14SGet QuoteTP7/8-14SS1Get Quote
15.731TP7/8-15BGet QuoteTP7/8-15SGet QuoteTP7/8-15SS1Get Quote
16.745TP7/8-16BGet QuoteTP7/8-16SGet QuoteTP7/8-16SS1Get Quote
17.759TP7/8-17BGet QuoteTP7/8-17SGet QuoteTP7/8-17SS1Get Quote
18.777TP7/8-18BGet QuoteTP7/8-18SGet QuoteTP7/8-18SS1Get Quote
19.791TP7/8-19BGet QuoteTP7/8-19SGet QuoteTP7/8-19SS1Get Quote
20.805TP7/8-20BGet QuoteTP7/8-20SGet QuoteTP7/8-20SS1Get Quote
21.811TP7/8-21BGet QuoteTP7/8-21SGet QuoteTP7/8-21SS1Get Quote
22.819TP7/8-22BGet QuoteTP7/8-22SGet QuoteTP7/8-22SS1Get Quote
1" 12.782TP1-12BGet QuoteTP1-12SGet QuoteTP1-12SS1Get Quote
13.810TP1-13BGet QuoteTP1-13SGet QuoteTP1-13SS1Get Quote
14.834TP1-14BGet QuoteTP1-14SGet QuoteTP1-14SS1Get Quote
15.856TP1-15BGet QuoteTP1-15SGet QuoteTP1-15SS1Get Quote
16.870TP1-16BGet QuoteTP1-16SGet QuoteTP1-16SS1Get Quote
17.884TP1-17BGet QuoteTP1-17SGet QuoteTP1-17SS1Get Quote
18.902TP1-18BGet QuoteTP1-18SGet QuoteTP1-18SS1Get Quote
19.916TP1-19BGet QuoteTP1-19SGet QuoteTP1-19SS1Get Quote
20.930TP1-20BGet QuoteTP1-20SGet QuoteTP1-20SS1Get Quote
21.936TP1-21BGet QuoteTP1-21SGet QuoteTP1-21SS1Get Quote
22.944TP1-22BGet QuoteTP1-22SGet QuoteTP1-22SS1Get Quote
* Some stainless steel and larger size plugs may have a 5-10 day turn around time.
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