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Tupros 2 Piece Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plug/Ring Sets

Stainless steel 2 piece Tube Plug/Ring sets.

Selection - The correct heat exchanger/boiler tube plug can be selected if the tube outside diameter and gauge (wall thickness), or alternately the virgin inside diameter, are known. As a second method of selection, the actual inside diameter of the heat exchanger/boiler tube to be sealed may be closely measured. The three digits in our part number represent the sealing ring diameter in thousands of an inch. The tolerances are +0.0 and -0.005. The closest, undersized, part number is then chosen. As an example, if the tube inside diameter is measured as 0.665, select a model TP662 (B or S) tube plug.

Application - The annealed sealing ring is inserted into each end of a leaking heat exchanger/boiler tube until its large diameter rests against the end of the tube or tube sheet. The matching plug is inserted into the sealing ring (the plug's taper matches the taper inside the ring). The plug is driven in with a hammer expanding the softer sealing ring. It is not necessary to drive the plug in flush, only until it seals.

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Tupros 2 Piece Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plug/Ring Sets
O.D. Gauge I.D. Inches Ring Pin Brass Price Ring Pin Steel Price Ring Pin Stainless
Steel Price
5/8" 13.435TP445BTP3BGet QuoteTP445STP3SGet QuoteTP445SS1TP3SS1Get Quote
14.459TP469BTP3BGet QuoteTP469STP3SGet QuoteTP469SS1TP3SS1Get Quote
15.481TP491BTP3BGet QuoteTP491STP3SGet QuoteTP491SS1TP3SS1Get Quote
16.495TP505BTP4BGet QuoteTP505STP4SGet QuoteTP505SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
17.509TP519BTP4BGet QuoteTP519STP4SGet QuoteTP519SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
18.527TP537BTP4BGet QuoteTP537STP4SGet QuoteTP537SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
19.541TP551BTP4BGet QuoteTP551STP4SGet QuoteTP551SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
20.555TP571BTP4BGet QuoteTP571STP4SGet QuoteTP571SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
21.561TP571BTP4BGet QuoteTP571STP4SGet QuoteTP571SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
22.569TP571BTP4BGet QuoteTP571STP4SGet QuoteTP571SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
3/4" 12.532TP537BTP4BGet QuoteTP537STP4SGet QuoteTP537SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
13.560TP571BTP4BGet QuoteTP571STP4SGet QuoteTP571SS1TP4SS1Get Quote
14.584TP594BTP5BGet QuoteTP594STP5SGet QuoteTP594SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
15.606TP616BTP5BGet QuoteTP616STP5SGet QuoteTP616SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
16.620TP630BTP5BGet QuoteTP630STP5SGet QuoteTP630SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
17.634TP644BTP5BGet QuoteTP644STP5SGet QuoteTP644SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
18.652TP662BTP5BGet QuoteTP662STP5SGet QuoteTP662SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
19.666TP676BTP5BGet QuoteTP676STP5SGet QuoteTP676SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
20.680TP696BTP6BGet QuoteTP696STP6SGet QuoteTP696SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
21.686TP696BTP6BGet QuoteTP696STP6SGet QuoteTP696SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
22.694TP696BTP6BGet QuoteTP696STP6SGet QuoteTP696SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
Tupros 2 Piece Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plug/Ring Sets (continued...)
O.D. Gauge I.D. Inches Ring Pin Brass Price Ring Pin Steel Price Ring Pin Stainless Steel Price
7/8" 12.657TP662BTP5BGet QuoteTP662STP5SGet QuoteTP662SS1TP5SS1Get Quote
13.685TP696BTP6BGet QuoteTP696STP6SGet QuoteTP696SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
14.709TP719BTP6BGet QuoteTP719STP6SGet QuoteTP719SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
15.731TP741BTP6BGet QuoteTP741STP6SGet QuoteTP741SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
16.745TP755BTP6BGet QuoteTP755STP6SGet QuoteTP755SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
17.759TP769BTP6BGet QuoteTP769STP6SGet QuoteTP769SS1TP6SS1Get Quote
18.777TP787BTP7BGet QuoteTP787STP7SGet QuoteTP787SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
19.791TP801BTP7BGet QuoteTP801STP7SGet QuoteTP801SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
20.805TP821BTP7BGet QuoteTP821STP7SGet QuoteTP821SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
21.811TP821BTP7BGet QuoteTP821STP7SGet QuoteTP821SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
22.819TP821BTP7BGet QuoteTP821STP7SGet QuoteTP821SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
1" 12.782TP787BTP7BGet QuoteTP787STP7SGet QuoteTP787SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
13.810TP821BTP7BGet QuoteTP821STP7SGet QuoteTP821SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
14.834TP844BTP7BGet QuoteTP844STP7SGet QuoteTP844SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
15.856TP866BTP7BGet QuoteTP866STP7SGet QuoteTP866SS1TP7SS1Get Quote
16.870TP880BTP8BGet QuoteTP880STP8SGet QuoteTP880SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
17.884TP894BTP8BGet QuoteTP894STP8SGet QuoteTP894SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
18.902TP912BTP8BGet QuoteTP912STP8SGet QuoteTP912SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
19.916TP926BTP8BGet QuoteTP926STP8SGet QuoteTP926SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
20.930TP946BTP8BGet QuoteTP946STP8SGet QuoteTP946SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
21.936TP946BTP8BGet QuoteTP946STP8SGet QuoteTP946SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
22.944TP946BTP8BGet QuoteTP946STP8SGet QuoteTP946SS1TP8SS1Get Quote
* Most stainless steel tube plug sets will have a 5-10 day turn around time.
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